Jonell Chris Bonecillo

Solution Provider, Programmer, Optimizer, White Hat

Name:Jonell Chris Bonecillo
Address:Cavite, PH
Hello! I'm a gamer with a strong enthusiasm for programming. My expertise lies in crafting and overseeing a wide range of applications, spanning from consoles to desktops and websites. Every day, I immerse myself in tech literature to acquire new perspectives and integrate cutting-edge concepts into my projects. I take pride in my proactive approach to coding and programming, striving to not just meet but exceed expectations with the applications I create, ultimately delivering exceptional user experiences.


2005 - 2024

CA Telemarketing Inc. dba
Collective Solution Inc.

Application Development Manager

I constructed the Employee Portal for the company entirely from the ground up and continue to maintain it. Additionally, I'm engaged in developing Menu/Dishzilla as a side project. Previous projects include Menutrends, JollibeeMap, various survey projects, iDEA/SurveyAdmin, LawInc, AdVantage, Ordernetwork, and Getty.

2004 - 2005

Slingshot Interactive

Web Programmer

I crafted web applications tailored to meet the specific needs and desired outcomes of clients.

2003 - 2004

Team Pacific Corporation

Outsource Application Developer

I served as a contractor for the Training and Certifications Database Project within the company, which operated on Apache using PHP and MySQL.


1994 - 1998



During the period when my programming interest reignited, I delved into Turbo Basic, Turbo Pascal, and Assembly Language. Additionally, I explored OS customization and the modification of applications through hex-editing for cracking purposes.