Jonell Chris Bonecillo

Solution Architect / Provider
C# / SQL / PHP / PowerBI Developer
Optimizer, White Hat

Name:Jonell Chris Bonecillo
Address:Cavite, PH
Hello, I'm passionate about gaming and programming alike. My expertise includes designing, developing, and maintaining applications across various platforms (console, desktop, and web). I'm dedicated to staying updated with the latest in technology through daily reading and implementing innovative ideas. I pride myself on being a thorough coder, ensuring applications not only meet specifications but also surpass expectations to ensure user satisfaction.


2005 - 2024

CA Telemarketing Inc. dba
Collective Solution Inc.

Application Development Manager

I developed the company's Employee Portal from the ground up and continue to maintain it. Additionally, I am concurrently working on a side project called Menu/Dishzilla. My previous projects include Menutrends, JollibeeMap, Survey projects, iDEA/SurveyAdmin, LawInc, AdVantage, Ordernetwork, and Getty.

2004 - 2005

Slingshot Interactive

Web Programmer

Created web applications tailored to meet client specifications and desired outcomes.

2003 - 2004

Team Pacific Corporation

Outsource Application Developer

Contracted for the company's Training and Certifications Database Project, utilizing Apache, PHP, and MySQL.


1994 - 1998



During this period, my curiosity for programming was reignited. I delved into Turbo Basic, Turbo Pascal, and Assembly Language, and explored OS customization and application cracking through hex-editing.