Jonell Chris Bonecillo

Solution Provider, Programmer, Optimizer, White Hat

Name:Jonell Chris Bonecillo
Address:Cavite, PH
Hi, I'm a gamer and love programming too. I design, build and maintain applications (console/desktop/website). Everyday, I read tech articles and learn new ideas and I implement all the good things. I'm a barebone coder/programmer. I make applications work according to specifications and exceed expectations plus user satisfaction.


2005 - 2024

CA Telemarketing Inc. dba
Collective Solution Inc.

Application Development Manager

Built the company's Employee Portal from scratch and maintain the application; I'm also working on Menu/Dishzilla as side-project. My previous assignments are the ff: Menutrends, JollibeeMap, Survey projects, iDEA/SurveyAdmin, LawInc, AdVantage, Ordernetwork, Getty

2004 - 2005

Slingshot Interactive

Web Programmer

Developed web applications according to client needs and required output.

2003 - 2004

Team Pacific Corporation

Outsource Application Developer

Contractor to the company’s Training and Certifications Database Project running on Apache with PHP and mySQL.


1994 - 1998



Period where my programming curiosity was re-ignited, I've studied Turbo Basic, Turbo Pascal and Assembly Language; OS Customization and Cracking application by Hex-Editing